The Scott F. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund of Camp Susan Curtis

"Scott F. Hutchinson is a model of an effective mentor – in fact he is a 'gardener of people'. I trust that this scholarship fund will grow and help many Camp Susan Curtis campers gain the education and life experience that will enable them to become mentors and thus expand and perpetuate the success Scott has fostered." —-P.D. Merrill—-To make a contribution to the fund, please use the DONATE NOW button at the top of our home page, or paste this link into your browser: . Thank you.

TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING in a residential camp setting for economically disadvantaged Maine boys and girls. Changing lives. Because at Camp Susan Curtis, every child matters.

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Camp programs include strengths-based outdoor experiential education, leadership training, adventure programming, arts education and environmental awareness. All campers participate in financial responsibility, health & wellness, and literacy activities.

“I learned good teamwork and budgeting.” –Garreth

"CSC does more than help children reach their potential. It is at CSC that these children realize they have potential. Their lives are so full of stress and challenge, they don’t see it. Without CSC, they probably never would."

–Teacher/referral source

DONATE on Giving Tuesday (Dec. 2nd) to Help Camp Susan Curtis Bridge the 'DIGITAL DIVIDE'!

THE PROJECT: a dedicated COMPUTER LAB for Camp Susan Curtis (CSC). GIVING TUESDAY GOAL: $2,000 of the ~$17,000 project budget. THE PURPOSE: to introduce economically disadvantaged children to basic technology skills crucial to success in today’s economy. Please use the DONATE NOW button below (and note that your gift is for the 'CSC Computer Lab'). Thank you!


Help Support a Child in Need.

$1,200 Sponsors One Camper for 2 Weeks. To help sponsor a camper, or
to make a gift to the Scott F. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund, please select DONATE NOW. Thank you.

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“My favorite part about camp is that I can be myself and not have to be worried that people will judge me.”


“I’ve seen her approach things with a much-increased drive and stick-to-it attitude even when faced with adversity.”


“We define success in the smallest of moments: smiles, friendship, laughter; and the grandest of milestones: high school graduations, college completion, jobs.”

–Camp Susan Curtis Staff
DONATE ON GIVING TUESDAY (Dec 2nd) to help Camp Susan Curtis bridge the ‘DIGITAL DIVIDE’!

To donate, please use this link (and note that your gift is for the CSC Computer Lab)


Scott F. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund

To donate, please use this link (and note that your gift is for the Scott F. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund) or email us with any questions at